“A band in your arms !”

“Make art, not war !”

Guitaranthem, the playground of the classical guitar: Hundreds of very famous melodies, now adapted for the guitar, in score and tablature, for download !

The playground of the classical guitar!

« Too serious », the classical guitar, for your audience, your friends, your students? Not at all, especially if you include a few famous melodies in your repertoire: film music, classical music, well-known songs, Christmas carols, children’s songs and even… your national anthem, or that of any other country in the world! It’s something that allows you to connect with anyone on the planet…

Illustration personnes avec guitare

You don’t know music theory? No problem, all our files are double: the score, and the score-tablature. All neat, precise, with all the fingerings.

Are you spoilt for choice? Click on one of the 450+ titles in the different lists, and you will have access to the complete video, as well as the first two lines of each score-tablature. With difficulty scale (levels 1 to 5). 

Beginner? The progressive “Easy Guitar” section (levels 1 and 2) is perfect for you! 

Win-Win : for you, the cheapest scores on the market – maximum 1,5 euro; even cheaper, it’s free, and generally mediocre -, and for us, the possibility to develop this beautiful site and to ensure a professional maintenance.

Do you want to learn music theory? To play an instrument, to integrate easily in a choir? Go to our “music theory” section, a dense, accelerated course, richly illustrated with videos and diagrams, and… entirely free!

Have fun, but also… good work! 

To greet you, a national anthem? No, international, signed Ludwig v B !

Bang-Bang ! Discover everything here !

Classic, your guitar? It’s perfect ! Wide neck “folk” (metal strings)? It works too!

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Realisation : Jean-Philippe Mogenet

Thanks to Brigitte, Basile, and to all those, family and friends, who, from near or far, contributed or encouraged the realization of this big work.

30,271 visitors. Thank you !